19 Aug

Twirling Brides, a kiss at the alter, fleeting candid moments; So precious that you cannot afford to miss capturing them. Thankfully the Canon R6 with its IBIS ‘In Built Image Stabilisation’ and its advanced Auto Focus; eye, face and animal tracking system that enables the camera to recognize and track the eyes, faces, and heads of each person. 

Tripods are a guaranteed way of getting sharp images, but for a wedding photographer, using one isn’t always an option. However, in situations like these, I needn’t worry with the R6 and its ‘5 axis in-body Image Stabilization System’ which offers a CIPA-rated maximum 8 stops of stability when paired with its native lenses for remarkable imagery.  This lets me capture more of the moments that matter.

Good cameras are an essential tool for a wedding photographer and it’s no secret that they are expensive. However, The Canon EOS R6 offers top-notch features that can hold its own against any other high-end cameras available.

The Canon R6 provides dual memory card slots which lets me back up all of my photos to two separate memory cards; which is a must for my clients and I.  The peace of mind that your images are safe and backed up is priceless.

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