30 Apr

A local Shotts Wedding for us this time, with two people who we know! Laura and Peter finally got married at Shotts Bon Accord Social Club on 20th April 2022. There’s something special about every Wedding, but particularly around Wedding of people you know and where you meet lots of local suppliers. We are really lucky, in Shotts, to have so many excellent events suppliers who work hard and provide the best of services.

Gary also knew Laura’s Dad well, who sadly passed away recently. He was a real miss in the day, but the couple made sure he was present in every way possible. You could almost feel him in the room.

The speeches were absolutely hysterical. Gary laughed so hard he was almost crying, as was I when I watched back their videography after it was finished!

We are delighted that you love everything we have provided you with, Laura & Peter. Thank you so much for trusting us and helping us grow our business.

Wishing you many years of happiness together.

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